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A reliable and valueble laptop keeper

MeerCOP Story

Meerkat + COP

‘MeerCop’ is a combination of Meerkat, a desert watchman, and police COP who runs sharply and arrests the criminal.
As you may have noticed, I’m a laptop keeper, ‘MeerCOP’


Aren't you anxious when you have to leave your laptop behind for a while in a cafe or library?

MeerCOP makes noise when someone touches or tries to take your laptop. It sends an alert immediately to your phone.
It's also a smart IoT device in which it takes a picture of the thief's face and sends it to you instantly. Just plug in the USB device and install the software to keep your laptop safe from theft.


an anti-theft laptop device MeerCOP USB2.0 (프로그램 설치필요)


an anti-theft laptop system MeerCOP

User's Guide Video for MeerCOP mobile app